Davis Bros. Pizza Peoria, East Peoria, IL
Davis Bros. Pizza East Peoria, IL
2402 E. Washington St.

Fondulac Plaza

Serving Central Illinois Since 1948
"The Original" Davis Bros. Pizza

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  1. If you order two coolers to ship on the same Monday, receive $5.00 off total order
  2. If you order pizzas, you can purchase a Davis Bros pizza cutter for $5.00
  3. We will either donate $3 or give you a $2 discount on every order shipped thru 12/30/13. Type your choice in the COMMENT section.

There is a minimum of 4 pizzas per order.

We only ship on Mondays, so all orders must be received by 10am every Friday for shipments on Mondays

Each cooler can hold up to eight 12" pizzas or fourteen 9" pizzas or 48 pizzamales. If you would like a mixture of sizes and flavors, please fill out the online order accordingly. If what you order does not fit in one cooler and you provided your phone number and email address, you will be contacted to figure out what can be shipped to you in one cooler. If you already know you want more than one cooler of product, please submit a separate order for each cooler.

Shipping is $23.00 maximum per cooler; some shipments will only be $20.00

If your purchase is a gift, please let us know in the COMMENT section what message you would like to put in the cooler for the recipient.

If you provide your email address, FedEx will notify you upon receipt of the cooler and again when cooler is delivered.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Cheryl at 866-268-2828.

Quantity Type Unit Price
9" Cheese $4.00
9" Sausage $5.00
9" Deluxe $5.25
9" Supreme $5.50
12" Cheese $5.00
12" Sausage $8.00
12" Deluxe $8.25
12" Supreme $8.50
Pizzamales $1.50
Pepperoni Pizzamales $1.50

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