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Davis Bros. Pizza East Peoria, IL
2402 E. Washington St.

Fondulac Plaza

Serving Central Illinois Since 1948
"The Original" Davis Bros. Pizza

Serving Central Illinois since 1948
“The Original” Davis Bros Pizza

Orders are shipped on Mondays only (some holidays may alter our schedule).
There is a minimum of four 12” pizzas or eight 9” pizzas per cooler.
Deadline is Sunday at noon (CST) for orders to be shipped that Monday.
Each cooler can hold up to eight 12” pizzas or fourteen 9” pizzas (shipment to some areas require less dry ice and nine 12” pizzas will fit. Call 866-268-2828 or ask for nine pizzas in the COMMENT section, if desired)
Orders for more pizzas than what can fit in the cooler will result in additional cooler(s) being sent, with appropriate shipping fees for each.
Shipping is $23 per cooler to most states; $20 to TX, IL and states contiguous to IL.
If the shipment is a gift, please put message in COMMENT section. It will be included in the shipment.
Providing your email address will allow FedEx to notify you when your order has been picked up from Davis Bros and again when your order has been delivered.

2018 Special Flavors
These flavors/items are available in 12”
Order by putting your selections in the COMMENT section of the order or call 866-268-2828
Quantity Type Unit Price
9" Cheese $4.00
9" Sausage $5.00
9" Deluxe $5.25
9" Supreme $5.50
12" Cheese $5.00
12" Sausage $8.00
12" Deluxe $8.25
12" Supreme $8.50
Pizzamales $1.50
Pepperoni Pizzamales $1.50

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